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Elizabeth Quay paddle trail

2km round trip. Suitable for all types of paddlecraft.

When they first proposed Elizabeth Quay the State Government provided artistic pictures of the finished project, complete with lovers strolling and families on bikes. And kayakers. I was skeptical, as kayaks and commercial boat traffic does not mix well, so I was very happy to see the small beach included in t…read more

published: March 21st, 2017

Hamelin Bay kayak trail

Hamelin Bay kayak trail : this guide and pictures also at the Facebook page kayaking in Western Australia - you can download and print as 3 jpg - look in photos.
All types of sit-on-top, surf s…read more

published: February 14th, 2017

About Martin Chambers

Martin Chambers was born in Perth, Western Australia. He is married and has two adult daughters. He is a biologist who understands our origins are from the sea and believes we are not safe unless our feet are wet. His recreations include kayaking, sailing and sitting in the spa.

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