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Giro D'Bronze, 1.

Giro d’Bronze

This is a self guided cycle trip taking in some great bronze statues. There are three trips each taking in a different area and easily done in a half day. I have tried to keep you off main roads and away from busy intersections, but take care! The Fremantle loop starts in Claremont and finishes in Fremantle. The Academic loop in centred around The University of Western Australia and nearby schools, and the Perth loop takes in Kings Park across to Burswood.

A full photo record of (nearly) all Perth Bronzes is on my web page album Perth Bronze. It wouldn’t be cheating to go there first and see what you are looking for. The numbers refer to the statue you have just arrived at. Printing off this route and a google map or taking a smart phone is a good idea.

Fremantle Loop: Catch the train and get off at Swanbourne Station. Head north (uphill) to the corner of Shenton Rd and Australind St. 1: Name the statue

From Scotch college, south to Railway and turn LEFT, cross bridge to south side of Rail line. Turn right, follow railway along road, through roundabout. Left into Station street. (there are three statues here, but only one I call a bronze). 

2:What was the artist thinking?Cross highway at Napoleon St lights, heading east towards the river. Stop before the river. Turn Right, follow around the river. Up hill on Johnson Parade (the only category climb in the event) and then continue south along Manning Street, Beagle Street, and around Tom Perrott reserve in McCabe Street. Statues are in Mt Lyell park to the west, just after the roundabout.

3:The sculptor’s name?(you may have to google this one, it seems the plaque is missing)  Follow McCabe St west, cross over railway by overpass, (take care crossing highway here) follow cycle lane south along beach. Past SALT, and left along Tydeman Rd on the cycle path, over the traffic bridge by footpath, turn right. Veer right at the lights and then left, along the road. Beach St becomes Elder place. Turn left into Queen, go to central Freo and the park. Here are

4, Who is this?

5, His name?

6. Who is it really? (you can decide which question relates to which statue: a sculptor, an aviator and a politician)  Continue east (turn left) down William to the corner of Parry.

  1. Mark of the century: Who?What century? On Parry, cross South Terrace and then next right, Norfolk lane- then veer to Essex lane- Nairn- Packenham- and finally High street. Follow High street West to the roundhouse, turn right towards the E shed for

8: Man and dog: Who is the statue over the road?  Go to edge of wharf, turn left, and follow to the maritime museum.

9: where are these two from?  Weave east past the maritime museum and between the buildings of Challenger TAFE and in front of the Sheds, (the colourful sheds to your left are where many of the bronze statues are made by local sculptor Greg James past Kidogo Arthouse, to Bathers Beach, and weave around in from of the buildings to the left.

10: Swimmer: Name the restaurant nearby Cross the road and continue to Cicerellos.

11: Bon Scott Name the sculptor

12: fisherman 1: Name a nearby fishing boat harbour

13: fisherman 2: What sort of fish is in his basket?    We now follow the cycle lane south to Coogee, go past south beach, past the Pickled Fig, and he (C.Y O’Conner) is in the water so you have to stop a few times, walk to the beach to look. If you get to Port Coogee you have gone too far 14:What does C and Y in his name stand for? Return via south beach, past the sailing club and turn inland at the next set of traffic lights. At Attfield Street, turn left, follow it until you get to the hospital, then continue through the car park to Fothergill Street. Turn right, cross over Hampden Road and then turn left. The last stop is Fothergills B&B where you will find 15: How many Fothergills girls are there?

This completes the tour. Take photos and post on FB!

Continue along Hampton and cross at the lights where Hampton becomes Ord. To catch the train home, turn left from Ord into Ellen St and follow to the end at Cantonement, left right and there is the train station. You can take you bike on the train except during peak hour.