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Giro D'Bronze, Perth, 2.

This is the second Giro deBronze, taking in the bronze statues of Perth City. Total distance about 10km, allow 2 easy hours. There are 25 statues at 20 sites. Although the route is all on cycle lanes or if on the road you will be going with the traffic, some of the statues will be across the street so take care. Perth city traffic is no problem on a Sunday. If you want a more exciting tour, do it during evening rush hour. Note that bikes are allowed on trains during non-peak times.

The Fremantle route was published here previously, scroll down to see it. You are welcome to print these instructions and follow this route as a self guided cycle trip. Pictures of all (well, nearly all) bronze statues in Perth and suburbs are on my FB page. Look for the album ‘Perth Bronze.’ 

Start: Perth train station.From upper level cross the walkway to outside the art gallery.

Art Gallery -1: town cryer (see also, busts inside the state library building)

Go between art Gallery building and Museum, then right to find cycle lane along railway. Go left. Follow cycle lane to Windan Bridge and across the river. Take left turn and follow river south. Past the water ski club you will find. 2: Willem deVlaming, by the river.

Turn away from river and follow red brick path. 3: storyteller 4: Hopscotch 5: Herb and Shirley

Follow red brick path. Cross road into Kagoshima park stay on red brick path then red cycle lane. 5: Paddy Hannan, on left. Follow path around the lake on your left 6: Henry Camfield.

Back to river, turn left, under then loop left to cross Causeway (south side, there is no path on the north side) onto Hierisson Island. At the western shore, go along limestone path and through gates, to 7: Yagan,

Back on bridge continue towards city on path. Where cycle path crosses the car park road, turn left to 8: Baudan (bust)

Back to road, cross on cycle crossing, around the shore of Lake Vasto to. 9: Migrants

Cross Ozone reserve (just follow path) to Adelaide Tce. Head west, then turn right into Plain Street.10: Peter Pan in Queens Gardens.

  Head west along Hay to Perth Mint. 11: Lucky Strike

South down Victoria Ave and then right into Adelaide Tce. Corner Victoria Ave. 12: John Septimus Roe.

South down Victoria Ave and then right into Terrace road. Continue west (do not take the bend), through gardens and past Supreme court to Barrack Street. On left, 13: Talbot Hobbs.

Go up Barrack. 14: Gumnut babies (small, in gardens on east side near footpath) then on the corner of St Georges Tce 15: Alexander Forest,

Go 50m west along St Georges Tce in the entry to St Martins Tower plaza on north side of street. 16: Five businessmen

West along St Georges, Left into Howard Lane (opp 100 St Georges Tce) 17: Judith

At bottom of hill turn left, left again and go back along Barrack up to the Hay Street mall.

18: Busker, or Upside Down Man. Follow Hay street all the way to the just before the freeway. Turn left into Elder Place. Near the old barrack Arch 19: Unknown Photographer

East down St Georges Tce. On corner of Milligan. 20: Charlie Court. Continue east along St Georges.

At Cloisters building, 21 Bishop Hale.

William St Return to Perth Station to finish.