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Bunker Bay kayak route

The canoe and Kayak guide to WA

Suitable for:

beach side – small sit on tops and wave skis

trips to the cape – skilled paddlers with sea kayaks or longer sit on tops and surf skis

Caution…read more

published: March 28th, 2017

Elizabeth Quay paddle trail

2km round trip. Suitable for all types of paddlecraft.

When they first proposed Elizabeth Quay the State Government provided artistic pictures of the finished project, complete with lovers strolling and families on bikes. And kayakers. I was skeptical, as kayaks and commercial boat traffic does not mix well, so I was very happy to see the small beach included in t…read more

published: March 21st, 2017

Kayaking the Watut River, PNG.

The Watut is river running at its best, with fast, exhilarating rapids, overhanging jungle and towering mountains all around. The weather is hot and the water cool. It has small villages nestled in idyllic places, and locals whose enthusiasm us I still can’t believe.

It all began when we read an advertisement for adventure rafting. Phrases such as ‘regarded as one of the …read more

published: February 12th, 2017

kayaking the Stockholm Archipelago

Imagine an archipelago of over 800 islands spread along 150km of coastline. There are rocky shorelines, sandy beaches and sheltered landings with paths leading to scenic forest campsites.  The islands vary from small and uninhabited, some that are farmed, to larger ones with small towns where you can re-supply. The distance between the islands is mostly less than a few kilometres. In …read more

published: February 12th, 2017

30 days canoeing: Khovsgol to Baikal.

Central Mongolia is a picturesque land of rolling green pastures that is virtually treeless. It is sparsely populated by Nomads who shift according to the season. In summer when it is hot, and it rains, they move down to the river flats where the grass is greener, and in winter, when it is cold and dry, they go to the hills where they have shelter from the cold northerly winds. Life ha…read more

published: February 12th, 2017

Kayaking with the kids

I first took my daughter on a canoe trip when she was three weeks old. Next week she turns eighteen and the nanoseconds between these two events reminds me in some ways of a long canoe trip. A lot of time spent wondering when we will arrive, moments of laughter, worry, excitement, monotony and much routine. After the trip is over, memories of joyous times crowd out the bad and I wonder why…read more

published: February 12th, 2017

The Deliverance weekend

For every adventure tour there are staff for whom the trip is very much within their comfort zone. It is difficult to keep it interesting after the hundredth run down the same river on the same rapids, telling the same jokes. A group of us running adventure events from rafting, hot air ballooning, horse riding, bushwalking and skydiving had come together in a joint marketing exercise an…read more

published: February 12th, 2017

Sailing a Kayak

Just about anybody who has paddled a canoe or kayak will have thought about sailing it. Hold up a paddle to the breeze, or a towel, or tie a tent fly to the paddle- it is all sailing. The next small step from there is a dedicated sail rig. But be warned. A kayak is not a yacht and you need a sail designed for kayaks.

A new dimension can be added to the activity of recrea…read more

published: February 9th, 2017

Life is an adventure. Learn to pee in your kayak.

Do you find it is always the same types of people around you in the activities you do? In work and play it is in the subtle messages we send that dictate who comes along. For example, if your workplace struggles to find women to fill traditionally male roles perhaps the answer is as simple as knowing how to pee in your kayak.

Admittedly, for most the actual peeing in a kay…read more

published: May 24th, 2016