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Life is an adventure. Learn to pee in your kayak.

Do you find it is always the same types of people around you in the activities you do? In work and play it is in the subtle messages we send that dictate who comes along. For example, if your workplace struggles to find women to fill traditionally male roles perhaps the answer is as simple as knowing how to pee in your kayak.

Admittedly, for most the actual peeing in a kay…read more

Ten tips to get you out paddling more often

After the first few joyful times it is easy for the distractions of the day to day to interrupt your best intentions. Too many kayaks remain parked, semi abandoned in the shed or fallen in the backyard. Lonely, thinking they are unloved, they reach out to spiders and insects. They gather fallen leaves about themselves. It is a futile attempt to rediscover the one great l…read more

kayak moorings at Ningaloo

Kayak moorings.

Kayaking and snorkelling go together well. A kayak can slip over shallow water to holes in the reef, land on small beaches or rocky shores to out of the way places.

In many places a small anchor is useful, but thanks DPAW at Ningaloo you now have ten mooring provided exclusively for kayak use. These moorings are all in sanctuary zones and fish…read more

Book review: All the way round.

All the way round, by Stuart Trueman. (MacMillan, ISBN 9781742612225)

Used to be that I did quite a lot of sea kayaking. Kayaking trips. I took school groups and tourists for a day or a week, and in my spare time I headed out with a kayak full of camping gear and spent time on some of these same beaches, just me and the mosquitoes.

Fortunately, th…read more