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Life is an adventure. Learn to pee in your kayak.

Do you find it is always the same types of people around you in the activities you do? In work and play it is in the subtle messages we send that dictate who comes along. For example, if your workplace struggles to find women to fill traditionally male roles perhaps the answer is as simple as knowing how to pee in your kayak.

Admittedly, for most the actual peeing in a kay…read more

Kayaking Spitzbergen

Kayaking Spitzbergen

When I was a young whitewater kayaker one of the senior members of our club returned from Colorado where he had rafted the Grand Canyon. During a presentation to us we questioned his kayaking integrity. Kayaks could, and should, do everything. To raft rather than kayak those big rapids was treasonous.

His response was that there are approp…read more

rule change: safety equipment for sea kayaks

Safety equipment for your sea kayak

October 2014: Sea kayaks are now allowed to carry a PLB. This replaces the former requirement for EPIRBs when more than 2NM offshore. Note that as with an EPIRB, every kayak in a group will need to carry a PLB. 

Here is a printable form with the current requirements. read more