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How I became the Mr Big of People Smuggling

'Gripping and entertaining, this novel is cover to cover entertainment...' Scoop magazine.

'The author does such a fine job of drawing you into a world of desolation, dust and dirty deeds.' Sydney Morning Herald

'Well crafted and gutsy.' Books and Publishing

Shortlisted in the TAG Hungerford award, published by Fremantle Press.

"I never planned to be the Mr Big of people smuggling. That's what they call me. The Mr Big of people smuggling. Trafficker in human misery. Well, my father always told me if you are going to do something, do it well."

Nick Smart is fresh out of school, a wet-behind-the-ears jackaroo on a gap year. But at Palmenter Station, nothing is what it seems. Nick is about to discover there's a lot of grey between black and white, between legal and illegal and between right and wrong.   For book club notes and more go to the Fremantle Press website. Available at bookstores or Fremantle Press.

Reading from How I became the Mr Big of People Smuggling.

Also available at Amazon, Walmart, iTunes and eBook retailers.

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Six Hundred

An eBook collection of short stories. Some have won awards and many have been previously published elsewhere but this is the only collection with them all together. Most are short, 600 words or so, but if described as 'Flash Fiction' it might belittle the depth of them. Subjects vary from science fiction, murder, character study and heartfelt children's stories, but all of these 32 stories will leave you with something to think about. You will find many characters and situations from life in the modern world, told with revealing simplicity. Suggested dose is one per day, perhaps on the bus on the way to work?  

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Three Short Stories

Character Rebellion: a stop work meeting quickly gets out of control as characters from other books attempt to take charge. Can the writer really ever be in control? 

Remembering Pablo: there is something of the love and devotion we all feel at the loss of a friend. 

Time Machine: remember what it was to taste things for the first time and to feel the texture of the world brand new?

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Shark Bay

Six people set off by sea kayak on an expedition in Shark Bay. The trip is in part to retrace a previous trip, to uncover the fate of three missing kayakers. They soon discover that they might have taken on more than they bargained for. Something not right in this idyllic place. see the animated you tube preview here in full size Now available at amazon eBook only $4.99For free eBook sample click the link below. And then share!read more


Bulk Goon

When school leavers arrive at Rottnest Island for end of year celebrations they find overzealous police and no beer. But an aspiring business student hits upon a simple and profitable plan. Between parties at the beach, pies at the bakery and lots of healthy outdoor activities, what could possibly go wrong?  see the animated video on youtube channel full screen  Now available at AMAZON. eBook only $4.99.  For a free eBook sample clink on the link at bottom of this page.

Bulk Goon by Martin Chambers

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Forrest Family History 1842-1982

The family tree and history of the Forrest family researched and written by Alison and Dinee Muir. Perhaps the most famous offspring was John Forrest (premier) and Alexander Forrest, both of whom are immortalized in bronze. Currently we have Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest. Or think of an old street name in Perth and here will be related the person it is named after. There are Muirs, Lee-Steers, and Lotons – Brian Loton, one time CEO of BHP. Where do you fit in?

In 1842 William and Margaret Forrest arrived in WA and settled near Australind and set about building a farm and having children, grand children, great grandchildren. And great great great grandchildren. If your family have lived in Western Australia for more than a few generations you are probably related to the Forrest family.

This book will be of interest to WA history buffs and anyone related. It covers up to 1982.

Hard cover, 139 pages plus descendant index of approx 2600 names.

Limited copies available. Contact us for more information and to purchase copies.

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Word Stew

Poems previously published in collections and anthologies. On the nature of writing and art, of love and devotion, peace and global warming, and the thinkings of fish. These thirteen poems will leave you with plenty to think about.

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