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Bulk Goon

When school leavers arrive at Rottnest Island for end of year celebrations they find overzealous police and no beer. But an aspiring business student hits upon a simple and profitable plan. Between parties at the beach, pies at the bakery and lots of healthy outdoor activities, what could possibly go wrong?  see the animated video on youtube channel full screen  Now available at AMAZON. eBook only $4.99.  For a free eBook sample clink on the link at bottom of this page.

Bulk Goon by Martin Chambers

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  • 'One of the best books I have read this year.' David Cohen, Post Newspaper.
  • 'Bulk Goon is Great!! I read it the first night I arrived in New Zealand and couldn't put it down.' Imma Farre Codina.

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Bookshops: Available from Map and Chart, Fremantle; Lane Books, Claremont; and the Rottnest General Store. Or buy online now with postage within Australia only $2.50, NZ $11, UK and USA $16. 

Also available as an eBook from the distributor, Smashwords (all formats), iTunes, AMAZON or at your favourite eBook store.

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