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Car Wrecks Of the Great Central Road

This is a road trip story, a coming of age story, and Australian outback adventure story, but most of all it is about life, how, along our own roads of life, at any time and at any age, we might feel abandoned, out of place, left out. To see the video trailer full screen on youtube click here    

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When a burglary goes wrong Charlie and Angel escape the city in a stolen van with nothing other than some cash and a stolen camera. They take the Great Central Road that links Wiluna and Alice Springs and as they travel Angel learns to use the camera and practices by taking photos of the wrecked cars by the side of the road. They pick up two German tourists who have broken down, they meet desert artists and join them at a remote community. They both discover some special affinity for the wrecked cars.

To Charlie, each of these was a story, had an owner, a life, was driven or stolen out along the road, broke down and then became part of that story, and before that, back in Fishermans Bend or Japan or Detroit, back even before they rolled off the assembly line each of these cars was a story, a plan, some big, some small, but none, absolutely none the same.”

But at Alice Springs, just as they are starting to feel as if they have somewhere to belong, the owner of an art gallery is murdered and Charlie is arrested. As Angel uncovers the real villains it exposes a ruthless world of international art thieves.

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