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Forrest Family History 1842-1982

The family tree and history of the Forrest family researched and written by Alison and Dinee Muir. Perhaps the most famous offspring was John Forrest (premier) and Alexander Forrest, both of whom are immortalized in bronze. Currently we have Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest. Or think of an old street name in Perth and here will be related the person it is named after. There are Muirs, Lee-Steers, and Lotons – Brian Loton, one time CEO of BHP. Where do you fit in?

In 1842 William and Margaret Forrest arrived in WA and settled near Australind and set about building a farm and having children, grand children, great grandchildren. And great great great grandchildren. If your family have lived in Western Australia for more than a few generations you are probably related to the Forrest family.

This book will be of interest to WA history buffs and anyone related. It covers up to 1982.

Hard cover, 139 pages plus descendant index of approx 2600 names.

Limited copies available. Contact us for more information and to purchase copies.

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