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How I became the Mr Big of People Smuggling

'Gripping and entertaining, this novel is cover to cover entertainment...' Scoop magazine.

'The author does such a fine job of drawing you into a world of desolation, dust and dirty deeds.' Sydney Morning Herald

'Well crafted and gutsy.' Books and Publishing

Shortlisted in the TAG Hungerford award, published by Fremantle Press.

"I never planned to be the Mr Big of people smuggling. That's what they call me. The Mr Big of people smuggling. Trafficker in human misery. Well, my father always told me if you are going to do something, do it well."

Nick Smart is fresh out of school, a wet-behind-the-ears jackaroo on a gap year. But at Palmenter Station, nothing is what it seems. Nick is about to discover there's a lot of grey between black and white, between legal and illegal and between right and wrong.   For book club notes and more go to the Fremantle Press website. Available at bookstores or Fremantle Press.

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  • '' Australian Crime Fiction review.