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Shark Bay

Six people set off by sea kayak on an expedition in Shark Bay. The trip is in part to retrace a previous trip, to uncover the fate of three missing kayakers. They soon discover that they might have taken on more than they bargained for. Something not right in this idyllic place. see the animated you tube preview here in full size Now available at amazon eBook only $4.99For free eBook sample click the link below. And then share!

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Under the stars each night, by the campfire, sharing meals and stories and philosophies, we come to learn that each of them has a reason to be there that is more than just the desire to paddle along a remote and beautiful coastline. Although quite different people, themes are repeated within each of their lives.

Slowly it becomes increasingly obvious that something sinister has happened and that somehow whatever it was has a link to each of them.

As they paddle closer to Cape Inscription and the turnaround point for the trip, the sense of isolation and foreboding climaxes in a startling discovery. Before they have time to discuss what to do there are gunshots on the beach and a boat arrives. Has someone in the group been informing others?

At gunpoint they are forced to carry the drugs and kayaks to the smugglers’ boat. They realize that once the work is done they will be the only witnesses to the operation. Was this what happened to the missing kayakers? Shot and killed and their bodies dumped in the sea?

The only possible escape is across the hot, barren and waterless island – they are barefoot, in the height of an Australian summer with no water and pursued by murderous and determined international drug operatives. It is desperate, and then gruesome.

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