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The Canoe and Kayak Guide to Western Australia, second edition.

The Canoe and Kayak Guide to Western Australia is the only guide to Western Australia’s rivers, lakes and sea kayak trips. It details trips in areas between Esperance and Kununurra suitable for canoes, whitewater kayaks, and touring kayaks.

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There are over 20 detailed trips with 36 sketch maps of areas to paddle for an hour or up to a week. The second edition coverage is significantly expanded from the earlier edition. Even experienced paddlers will find new places to go.

The book contains an explanation of rules and etiquette relating to accessing rivers, lakes and offshore islands. The trips are graded according to difficulty including for whitewater the internationally recognized grading system. As well, numerous articles on topics such as hypothermia, dehydration and tides are scattered throughout the text.

Also in this edition is an article on selecting the right canoe or kayak for you. It is particularly valuable to read some of the trip ideas in conjunction with this so that when you buy a canoe or kayak it is capable of taking you on the sorts of trips you want to do.

Highly recommended for all paddlers and a great gift idea.

From good bookstores, paddlesport retailers and outdoor shops, or buy now online with paypal, postage within Australia $2.50, (NZ $11, USA and UK $16).

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  • The BOM page takes river level data and presents it in tabular form, including a column labeled ‘Flood Class’. Use this to detect or  track the progress of a flood throughout the catchment.        
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  • Shop in Fremantle for maps and books.             
  • This is the facebook page of a volunteer group who have produced 7 detailed canoe guides of the Mandurah and Pinjarra area (as pics on their FB site).
  • Free mandurah paddle guides from the above group, seven downloadable PDF’s and two of human and natural history.
  • Trails WA website where I have created a series of free paddling trails to compliment the book. 
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