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A Fish

A fish wonders what lies above.
Not his every waking moment,
just now and again, after a good meal, friends and idle chatter,
or when things fall down-
bits of boat, rubbish, old iron that is now rusted.
Reports from flying fish (who never can be trusted),
of boats and men, the sky and clouds,
are fanciful, to say the least.
Some swim the endless ocean seeking.
Others, to whom it matters, hide in reefy cathedrals,
Awaiting inspiration served up on a plate.
But most fish prefer to believe
the stories they hear when the Mermaids sing.
A place above of angels and of fairies,
of magic, and of kings.

Published in ‘Thirst’, 50th anniversary edition of FAWWA. March 2009 

Collected poetry published as ‘Word Stew’ available for only $1.99 as an eBook.