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If you forget me. (for Pablo Neruda)

I want you to know one thing, I want you to know how this is.
For if you should love me it is because I can look at the crystal moon and see your face
Or when I can feel the sweet warm wind of summer I know your grace.
And later, when I walk in winter chill, I will remember you still.
Or when spring leaves fall red or golden
And at other times make little buds of autumn
If you still love me it will never be out of place.
But if you don't love me I will love you still.
And should you leave me on some forgotten shore,
I will be there, waiting, until...
Or should you find some other lover,
I will like an old oak, take root and wait, forever.
When you picnic in my shade I'll shelter you from the sun.
I'll give you things to climb and beauty to see,
And if I die and you bury me,
then dance on my grave with that same new lover,
I’ll cherish your footfalls, both.
For I will love you forever.