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When he died Liam was disappointed to discover there was no heaven or hell. In the brief period after death but while the desire of life persisted he realised he could have done more with his life. Achieved more, sure, but also, well, all the good things too. Pleasure. For if there was no heaven,…

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Rumble strip

I remember Mary was telling some story and I was getting irritated. You know, stories are supposed to have a beginning and a middle and an end, in that order, but when Mary tells a story it has a beginning and then a whole load of middles but no end. She loses the thread and then waffles, or if t…

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Remembering Pablo

Every evening we would walk the same way, Pablo leaning into the gentle rise of the street until the roundabout at the Fountain of The Early Pioneers where we would turn left and continue down towards the harbour.  

We walked in the late sun that was only along one side of the street…

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After the fun of it had all gone, after they had pushed and repushed all the lift buttons; after they had picked up the phone to get help only to be hung up on several times; after they had screamed together at the count of three the kind of scream that only ten year old girls can scream; after I…

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The Character Rebellion of 2009

‘Come in here,’ I called, ‘break is over and I need two of you for a scene with Pablo Neruda and his dog.’

‘We don’t want to,’ one of them said. I’m not sure which one.

‘We don’t want to be secondary characte…

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The decimal system for cataloguing memories

When my father died and after the funeral and then a couple more weeks we gathered in his library at the back of the house to sort through all of his stuff. His books, papers, files, collections. He was a journalist and his life had been the collection or noting of things. Clippi…

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The Time Machine

Sonya and I took the new TM to 2009 for a girly weekend. It’s the new one from Timetech and gosh it’s great. It is so smooth, quiet inside even at 100 hours per sec, with a great sound system. We listened to the whole of Prindeville’s third symphony then stopped in a small town on the south…

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The shipwreck coast

Today Captain Charles’s house is for sale and we can go inside. I don’t understand why they are selling it because Mrs Charles says that places can be whatever you want them to be. But once I heard the Captain say that places never change, that people are condemned to repeat over and over if …

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